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rehabilitació i restauració

Open System for the Urban Regeneration of Housing Estates a Case Study Design in Barcelona (O-RegBcn)
Projecte R+D+I competitiu

The main objective of this research is to design different adaptations of an open system for rehabilitating existing multifamily buildings in large modern residential complexes and to test them in the field. Convinced that the most sustainable approach is the rehabilitation and improvement of existing housing, the city of Barcelona has recently been exploring more comprehensive, large-scale interventions in a built environment where, so far, only scattered buildings have been improved. The research group REARQ has a strong line of investigation and teaching focused on rehabilitating large modern residential complexes. Recently, thanks to an award from the Barcelona City Council, we have design a full-scale prototype of an “abstract” system for improving habitability and energy efficiency in existing buildings. With this foundation, we aim to design adapted versions for residential buildings in the Southwest Besòs neighborhood and to test their impact and potential for improvement. Our main hypothesis is that, with adaptations, this system can provide a strategy that takes into account the collective, environmental and social dimensions of multifamily housing while also improving specific features. Our intended research connects master’s and doctoral students’ academic activities with scientific-technical experimentation based on the design, development, and testing of different adaptations to the prototype, in the context of the needs expressed by the local administration and neighborhood associations. This research can provide significant improvements to existing housing rehabilitation strategies, in this case through coordinated, consensus-driven implementation by different actors in a neighborhood where an urban regeneration strategy is beginning to unfold.

Pere Joan Ravetllat, Còssima Cornadó, Marta Domènech, Sara Vima, Jesús Quintana, Aleix Salazar, Jorge Blasco, Isaac Colin, Gonzalo Piasek, Francisco García, Xavier Arés. 

SOM Foundation

Data de desenvolupament
Setembre 2024 - Setembre 2025




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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Av. Diagonal 649
08028 Barcelona

restauració i rehabilitació arquitectònica